Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cosas Malas

Long story short.

Last weekend = Cuenca, this cute city south of Quito. Also = Corpus Cristi, = a child's dream, a diabetic's nightmare as all the streets were lined with sweet treats.

Order of bad events
- we walked into a bunch of drunk kids
- drunk kids pinned Carlos to a wall
- Alissa and I run
- one kid catches Alissa, Alissa gets away
- kid on Carlos beats him up, steals his camera and wallet, breaks his finger (literally a 45 degree angle)
- we find police, to go the hospital
- Carlos leaves next day for Quito, returns to the US for surgery

Order of kick ass events
- Alissa and I, while wandering the streets the next day, recognize the robbers
- We bring police, tell them in broken Spanish what happened
- Police detain the kids, question them, and file a report

Well, it we were bound to get robbed at some point. At least we made it out alive.

Tomorrow I go to a different public hospital, which is supposed to be super cool and hopefully I'll finally get to see some of the awesome things Alissa and Carlos kept talking about.

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