Friday, June 10, 2011

Latina mannequins, baby got back

This picture probably doesn’t do justice to how perky the butts were on these mannequins.

Luis took us on a trip to Baños, a city about 2.5 hours from Quito. I love traveling with Luis because he stops everywhere for food (and shopping, where we saw the mannequins). We had these ice cream popsicles I wish I remembered the name of. Each popcicle had three flavors: mango, pineapple, and some other fruit we don't have in the states. And the center was strawberry. Yumscicle.

Other eats:
Chugchucara , the typical food of Latacunga, which has enough cholesterol to pretty much last you a life time. It consists of fried chunks of pork, mote, fried bits of pork skin, fried banana, and toasted corn.
Sweet tamale from the side of the road, drive through eating like nothing you've tasted in the states.

We finally arrived at Baños around 7 at night, when it was already getting dark. And after arriving in a new town obvi the first thing you want to do is check out the local party bus. In Ecuador they have these buses called chivas , which are these truck thingies with no walls, just rows of benches, flashing lights, and loud loud music. The chiva took us to a part of the Tungurahua volcano where we got a beautiful view of Baños at night. There was also a bonfire and a clown. Actually the clown was only feeding the bonfire and there were other people telling jokes in Spanish that I did not totally understand.

Baños is known for its natural hot springs and its water falls.

I wish we had more time to explore more in Baños, but so little time, so much to see.

The beautiful Cotopaxi volcano, as seen on our route back to Quito.

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