Saturday, July 16, 2011

It´s not even 10AM yet and already I have cleaned 2 children, both under 2, with second degree burns on at least one fourth of their bodies. The sad thing is that these aren´t even exceptional cases here, it´s the most common reason small children come for curations. In developed countries this would be considered neglect. Small children should never be left in the kitchen unattended, as this is where most burns happen. They should always be supervised while the stove is on. Why don´t these parents know this? Your tears won´t take back what pain your children are experiencing right now. And I, even though I am helping your child, can´t take away the excruciating pain, screaming, and crying either. The interns have told me that you would never clean a burn the way we do in America, where the child would always be anethetized before even attempting to treat the burn. But here there is not enough anesthesia, and the children have to suffer more for it.

I don´t think my heart can take any more children like this.
Give me something to sew please.

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