Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Turno

Which Jordana calls a guardia but she also calls an esfero a boligrafo. Anyways in Yaroqui a turno is your turn to do a night shift call. I feel like so much happens in Yaroqui that I can't remember everything even when it just happened.

Firstly, I did my first set of stitches!! It was on some dude that cut himself on a nail. Luckily for him though he didn't cut through the underlying facia, but he did need around 8 stitches. They let me do everything, from the lidocaine to the stitching and wrapping. Super chévere.

I also rode in an ambulance for the first time with a pre-eclampsic woman. We stopped by McDonalds, and the rule holds true: Micky D's ice cream cones are always better abroad.

The next patient was a 25 year old boy who tried to commit suicide by ingesting grass weed killer. He came complaining of stomach pain (duh), and he also had fresh cut marks on his wrists. I got to insert the stomach catheter via the nose, where we aspirated what was in his stomach and injected charcoal to inhibit the absorption of the poison. It was kind of heart breaking, because at one point the intern, Luis Fe, asked if he was having any problems with his family or spouse. To which he nodded and responded "no me quieren" which means they don't love me. This morning he looked a lot better though, and he was discharged and referred to a psychiatrist, which most likely he will not see. Hopefully this was only a cry for help though, and he won't try to commit suicide again.

In pediatric emergencies, there was a 5 year old boy with a zipper clamped on the foreskin of his penis. Like that thing was stuck like the jaws of life. And the kid was such a trooper too. He wasn't even crying, and when he was asked if he anything hurt all he said was "no." He was sent to Quito to get the zipper removed though.

Que más...2 more births, I've been promised the next one so fingers crossed!

I finished off my day by observing a labaroscopic cholecystectomy, which Jordana helped with. Super, super chévere. They said I could even help with one in the future.

Sigh...currently fixing my debit card issues because I didn't think to check my expiration date before I left...

Then I'm off to sleep like a baby.

Hasta luego!

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